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Stamp Source, Company

Bending and stamping

CNC Stamping
Up to 3/16 steelVery fast (low cost), accurate production.Can be integrated with other fabrication steps or assembly.E mail notification of each shipment.Start with CNC stamping. Move to progressive stamping as volume grows.ISO certified.Fulfillment available (we ship to your customers).
Group: Sheet punching and felling
Metal Forming
Versatile, computerized press brakes.Up to 200 tons, 10' length.Programmed for part consistency.Forming can also be done in metal stamping dies for lower piece price.Excellent partnerships for plating, powder coating, etc.Deburring and grinding.E mail notification of each shipment.ISO...
Group: Moulding
Progressive Stamping
Building, running and maintaining progressive dies: our greatest strength.The key to the lowest unit cost available.State-of-the-art presses and press feed equipment.Computer controls insuring lean manufacturing with quick and accurate set-ups.All steps documented for consistent, superior...
Group: Cold pressing of metallic details
Secondary Stamping
Single hit (put and take) dies.Manually fed, usually for forming, piercing, lancing, coining, or blanking.All steps documented for consistent, superior quality.Fully integrated manufacturing software insuring excellent, dependable service.ISO Certified.All die maintenance included (no hidden...
Group: Punching
Deep Draw and Short Run Stamping
Deep draw required when material needs to flow or stretch, rather than bendAny significant draw depth requires multiple stepsShort run stamping is utilized for lower quantities or in the initial phases of a project.Die maintenance is included in part prices (no hidden costs)
Group: Bending of sheet


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